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Zorro Adult Costume

Zorro Adult Costume - News

An inside job
Among the major cases he was involved in was Project Zorro, which involved a lengthy, 24-hour surveillance and the eventual arrest of three men charged with

DC writers and artists reveal their favorite Batman comic book stories

Everyone, from fans to the most famous creators, has a first time they saw Bruce Wayne in the Batcave, a first time they saw him don the cape and cowl, the first time they saw him face the Joker. With so many Batman stories and arcs to pick from, Batman fans can always debate on which is the best, but what about your first experience with the Caped Crusader. If you ask longtime DC Comics editor, writer, and creator Paul Levitz, the magic of Batman lies in the many different interpretations of the Dark Knight through the years. Everyone has a first Batman comic book. In the pages of thousands of comic books, on the big screen in live-action films, in a video game on your phone, Batman has been through countless adventures.

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