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Wolverine Adult Costume

Wolverine Adult Costume - News

The Big Screen Bulletin 02.01.10: Avatar Still #1
The Big Screen Bulletin 02.01.10: Avatar Still #1 In not so many words, he has made it clear that X-Men Origins: Wolverine dropped the ball on the "Merc with a Mouth" and Reynolds has assured fans that

What Do You Want to See in Captain America?
Most will agree that Hugh Jackman did a terrific job as Wolverine but his 6'4” height was pretty evident. This starts out as an origin movie with Steve

Bao Phi
As I got older, I wondered more and more about certain things: like, why Wolverine seemed to have an Asian fetish, why the only Asian men in the nerd worlds

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows – Parker Family Values

Jody Houser: Jumping forward puts Annie in high school—and there will be more of a focus on her school life than we’ve seen before—but overall it’s still the story of the Parker family. As the start of Marvel Legacy heralds the return of a few favorite characters, team configurations, costumes, and more, the up-and-coming heroes of the Universe continue to propel Marvel tradition forward—and no series serves as a greater example... On November 22, the Spider-family swings into Legacy as writer Jody Houser and artist Nick Roche present issue #13. Jody Houser and Nick Roche on Legacy’s leap into Peter and MJ’s future. Eight years into the future, Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s daughter, Annie, is in high school—and fights crime alongside her mom and dad.

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