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Watchmen Comedian Costume

Watchmen Comedian Costume - News

Watchmen Film Review From The SOP
The response of Watchmen has been mixed due to the length of the film and the complex storyline. Some of the protagonists like the Comedian and Rorschach

The 23 Brightest and Dimmest Members of the Green Lantern Corps
Still, it's worth noting that thanks to last year's Watchmen movie, Hal and Arisia has finally been replaced as creepiest couples' cosplay by The Comedian

Watchmen: Ultimate Cut
Watchmen Video Journals: Remember these 3-5 minute BTS clips that were premiered on a bunch of websites? (I think JoBlo got the costume one.

Generation Zero Sacrifices Watchmen’s Past for DC’s Future

Now boasting the powers of Manhattan, Wally's status quo has been changed with even farther-reaching consequences for the DCU as he is aware of its past, present and future simultaneously -- just like Manhattan's own unique perspective on time and... And while Manhattan had restored many facets of the DCU before his departure, including the Justice Society of America and Legion of Super-Heroes, his cosmic awareness of the ever-changing nature of the DCU suggested these wholesale revisions were... Despite Manhattan's tampering, the wider DCU and Watchmen worlds weren't heavily affected by their first true crossover. Wally West's own impending brush with omnipotence suggests that the DCU is not only nowhere near done with Watchmen's influence but that the two universes will become even more intertwined than ever before. Ozymandias had faced justice in his own world while the Comedian was transported back to moments before his murder at the start of the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons story.

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