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Watchmen Comedian Costume

Watchmen Comedian Costume - News

Watchmen Film Review From The SOP
The response of Watchmen has been mixed due to the length of the film and the complex storyline. Some of the protagonists like the Comedian and Rorschach

The 23 Brightest and Dimmest Members of the Green Lantern Corps
Still, it's worth noting that thanks to last year's Watchmen movie, Hal and Arisia has finally been replaced as creepiest couples' cosplay by The Comedian

Watchmen: Ultimate Cut
Watchmen Video Journals: Remember these 3-5 minute BTS clips that were premiered on a bunch of websites? (I think JoBlo got the costume one.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK #5 Finally Forwards Long-Awaited REBIRTH Returns - SPOILERS

Doomsday Clock is set in the neat future of the DCU, with plans for the final issue - Doomsday Clock #12 - to be released in December 2018. The miniseries series has been hindered by delays, originally launching last year as a one-year, monthly series, but recently began drawing out to protactive schedule with two and three months between issues. Doomsday Clock #5 also featured Watchmen characters colliding with heroes of the DCU, uniting Ozymandias with Batman, and then Mime  and Marionette with the Joker.   Doomsday Clock #5 is the latest chapter in the 12-part event miniseries by DC Chief Creative Officer/President Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank.

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