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Sleestak Adult Costume

Sleestak Adult Costume - News

Reader Halloween pics: Tim and Eric, 'Beetlejuice' and more
Reader Halloween pics: Tim and Eric, 'Beetlejuice' and more "Just wanted to share a picture of my 6-month-old daughter's Halloween costume I made for her," says Mike in Long Island, NY "Little does she know that Ewoks will also be one of her favorite Star Wars characters, and she is eagerly anticipating her

Toy News Tuesday: We Fight For The User

There’s a whole new license being announced, plus a special new collector’s Blu-Ray set they’re involved in, and an epic new display piece for your collection you aren’t going to want to miss. First up is the reveal of an all new license with Stephen King’s ‘IT’. The recent film adaptation of the book has been dominating the box office this weekend, so a whole new line of toys and collectibles makes perfect sense. New From NECA This week NECA has a few cool announcements, so we thought we would round them up a little bit to make things easier. Either way, it’s going to be awesome to see new Pennywise merchandise coming our way.

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