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Sleestak Adult Costume

Sleestak Adult Costume - News

Reader Halloween pics: Tim and Eric, 'Beetlejuice' and more
Reader Halloween pics: Tim and Eric, 'Beetlejuice' and more "Just wanted to share a picture of my 6-month-old daughter's Halloween costume I made for her," says Mike in Long Island, NY "Little does she know that Ewoks will also be one of her favorite Star Wars characters, and she is eagerly anticipating her

LeAnn Rimes: I'm not 'scary skinny'

I think it looks more disturbing to some because they honestly dont find it attractive, just as I dont find a 200pound body builder in contest condition attractive. For those of you bellowing about how its only the fatties and the uglies going on about LARs size because they think being fat is the norm, I think you might be mistaking. All of my aunts were 57-510 and not a single one of them weighed more than 130lbs. I say that a body builder in contest shape *looks* unhealthy because their BF% is too low. Supposedly this is underweight for someone my height, but honestly, I was active, I ate plenty of healthy, local foods and stayed outside from 10AM until dark. Speaking AS A FAT PERSON who has previously been thin: LAR looks more or less what Ive become accustomed to as being normal. It makes me shudder to think about the things that tearing down to that kind of % must be doing to their body.

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