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Sleestak Adult Costume

Sleestak Adult Costume - News

Reader Halloween pics: Tim and Eric, 'Beetlejuice' and more
Reader Halloween pics: Tim and Eric, 'Beetlejuice' and more "Just wanted to share a picture of my 6-month-old daughter's Halloween costume I made for her," says Mike in Long Island, NY "Little does she know that Ewoks will also be one of her favorite Star Wars characters, and she is eagerly anticipating her

Land Of The Lost, “Album”

, Sid says, “That’s the classic story, isn’t it. You’re going on the adventure, as a kid, and all of a sudden something happens and now it’s ‘God, when’s he going to get home. The standard Krofft setup had a moppet (or moppets) stumbling into an alternate universe, where their companions were gaily anthropomorphic but intellectually dim, and where their parents were replaced by evil sorcerers. The Krofft landscape made perfect sense to a growing army of latchkey kids, as well as to youngsters likely to enjoy the shows more for their color and activity than for their metaphors for loneliness. The Kroffts developed a kid-sized version of the loopy psychedelia that was infecting the culture, offering delirious visions of worlds populated by colorful creatures, talking hats, singing bugs, and heavy doses of white and black magic.

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