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Karate Kid Cobra Costume

Karate Kid Cobra Costume - News

Shelf Life Cobra Commander
Several people recognized Cobra, but only one guy recognized my costume, and he was a hentai dealer. I'm just putting that out there. Also at Otakon, I Joel from the Fast Karate podcast went the other way, saying that the art looked like 50's sci

WonderCon Wraps Up And Comic-Con's Around The Corner

Comic-Con spokesperson David Glanzer pointed out the differences between the sister conventions of WonderCon and Comic-Con. WonderCon used to be in San Francisco but moved to Anaheim a few years ago when the Moscone Center underwent renovations and the convention needed to find a new venue. "WonderCon is growing so there’s more people, but it's a lot less frantic, it’s a lot more relaxed. "Comic-Con is a lot of people, sometimes it’s a little frantic," Glanzer said on Sunday as WonderCon was winding down. Some people may not know that the pop culture convention is run by Comic-Con International , which takes place every summer in San Diego. There used to be a driveway that would come in right in to the front of the convention center that has since been paved over and it's a great function space. WonderCon just wrapped up in Anaheim. They built North Hall a couple of years ago and we utilize some of the space there.

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