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Karate Kid Cobra Costume

Karate Kid Cobra Costume - News

Shelf Life Cobra Commander
Several people recognized Cobra, but only one guy recognized my costume, and he was a hentai dealer. I'm just putting that out there. Also at Otakon, I Joel from the Fast Karate podcast went the other way, saying that the art looked like 50's sci

The Punisher: the legacy of Marvel's first superhero film

The Yakuza comes to town and make things personal by stealing the children of Mafiosi, forcing Frank Castle to work with the man who ordered his family's murder in order to save other innocent lives. There's a cigar-chomping bartender who faintly resembles Jack Kirby, while you could imagine the old man who misses his stop when Punisher commandeers a city bus would make for a fine Stan Lee cameo (he didn't do them back in those days), and... He wages a one man war on crime while his former partner (Louis Gossett Jr. , who deserves better than some of the scenes he's stuck with) searches for him in hopes of bringing him back to the man he once was. Incorruptible cop Frank Castle, who makes his living taking down gangsters, goes rogue when his family is murdered in a revenge killing.  When you take away the Marvel brand and the famous name, it plays like virtually any other low-budget action movie.

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