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Hellraiser Adult Costume

Hellraiser Adult Costume - News

Top Ten Tuesday: Santa's Naughty List
That Damien Thorn is quite the li'l hell-raiser! VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED (1960) is based on The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham (who also penned Day of the

It's the Great Halloween Post, Charlie Brown!

26 Quarantine Haunted Maze Mazes are OK, but if it has a theme it makes it a-maze-ing. The event is at Vets Club Memorial Ballroom, located at 1620 Willamette Street and runs 6 to 10 pm. $5 kids, $15 adults. Not because of Día de los Muertos or All Saints Day but because kids need to recuperate after their candy hunt and adults need some rest after a long night of partying. The maze runs 6 to 9 pm Oct. Disco Halloween Extravaganza Disco isn’t dead — it’s undead.   A milder, family night version runs 5 to 8 pm Oct. You can meet the Great Pumpkin, dance, win costume prizes and more. Instead, when Halloween lands on a Wednesday, it means events get scattered like pellets when shooting a shotgun at a horde a zombies. This Halloween event is a fundraiser for the nonprofit Kind Tree Autism Rocks. The maze is located at 3120 Hwy.

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