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Hellraiser Adult Costume

Hellraiser Adult Costume - News

Top Ten Tuesday: Santa's Naughty List
That Damien Thorn is quite the li'l hell-raiser! VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED (1960) is based on The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham (who also penned Day of the

25 Embarrassing Roles Superhero Actors Want To Forget

Many of these actors have had to work their way up from the bottom and along the way made some egregious choices in their filmography. Many of the biggest stars in Hollywood have participated in a superhero movie in one way or another. We have seen superhero roles propel some actors to A-listing super stars while others have fizzled out. Both Chris Pratt and Chris Evans have starred in some pretty gratuitous films. After seeing some of these movies, one could even lose some respect for these heroes. In Lists In the last decade, superhero movie have exploded into a full fledged genre.

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