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Harry Potter Dementor Adult Costume

Harry Potter Dementor Adult Costume - News

Behind the Wizard's Wand: Making the Harry Potter Films
Behind the Wizard's Wand: Making the Harry Potter Films Many adult Muggles will, no doubt, think as I did before visiting “Harry Potter: The Exhibition,” which opens at Discovery Times Square on Tuesday. I mistakenly assumed that the real point of this 14000-square-foot display of movie

Review: Agree or Disagree, Mrs. Murray’s Menagerie Keeps Us at a Distance

The structural choice of following a focus group largely in real time limits the emotional range of the production, distilling too much to the instructions given to the focus group: “Thumbs up is agree, thumbs down is disagree. The play, the mastermind of the Mad Ones theater company, shares the same title as this much-discussed show within a show, but the lessons taught to its adult audience are much less obvious, so much so that they’re likely to be missed entirely. Dale’s not interested in these people, and only slightly more so in their answers, as shown by the way he parrots things back with queries that aim to get everyone on the same, easily digestible page: “Can you distill that down to one word. His lightning-fast questioning dredges up only the most superficial of responses, a process so dull that the production plays it for laughs, with Dale’s assistant Jim (Marc Bovino), always struggling to keep up as he hastily transcribes all of the... Dale (Brad Heberlee), of the data-collecting company Blue Horizon, is an anodyne presence.

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