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Harry Potter Dementor Adult Costume

Harry Potter Dementor Adult Costume - News

Behind the Wizard's Wand: Making the Harry Potter Films
Behind the Wizard's Wand: Making the Harry Potter Films Many adult Muggles will, no doubt, think as I did before visiting “Harry Potter: The Exhibition,” which opens at Discovery Times Square on Tuesday. I mistakenly assumed that the real point of this 14000-square-foot display of movie

The History and Evolution of the Harry Potter Movie Franchise

Here is how it all began and how Harry Potter developed into the global franchise it has become today. Harry Potter is a name that is instantly recognized across the world. It is rare for a series of books to lead to such a large and successful franchise and for them to capture the imagination of both adults and children alike. In fact, there are very few fictional characters as famous as this one and he is at the center of one of the world’s largest and most successful franchises. It is this titular character who is central to the series of books written by J. K. Rowling that was then adapted for the screen. Furthermore, the wizarding concept was the inspiration behind a series of spin-off books and films. This series also led to the production of a wide variety of merchandise and has even inspired theme parks dedicated to the stories.

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