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Grand Heritage Shirt Adult Costume

Grand Heritage Shirt Adult Costume - News

Contemporary art featured in newest Akron Art Museum exhibit
Contemporary art featured in newest Akron Art Museum exhibit The costumes on the life-sized figures appear to be starchy and Victorian but are in highly colored patterns that would be expected on equatorial African

Bao Phi
Calling all individuals who are interested in creating art in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2010! Here is an opportunity for

A Stroll Through Community Life

Again and again, in sector after sector, these civic associations have demonstrated their capacities to make our lives richer, healthier, kinder, happier, and more beautiful. One could say they make America America. The reason we willingly hand over to these institutions—every single year—more than $400 billion, and at least that much more in the value of our volunteer time, is because we recognize their power to make our society better in multiple ways. An important part of the long-term mission of The Philanthropy Roundtable is cataloguing and celebrating America’s crucial institutions of civil society. They exist in a third sphere independent of those two poles of social action, fixing problems where neither power nor money are adequate to the task. Nor are they fueled by the profit incentives of the commercial sector. Compared to other countries, they are extraordinarily numerous, and they exist and thrive only because they work, and propel us forward.

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