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Grand Heritage Shirt Adult Costume

Grand Heritage Shirt Adult Costume - News

Contemporary art featured in newest Akron Art Museum exhibit
Contemporary art featured in newest Akron Art Museum exhibit The costumes on the life-sized figures appear to be starchy and Victorian but are in highly colored patterns that would be expected on equatorial African

Bao Phi
Calling all individuals who are interested in creating art in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2010! Here is an opportunity for

20 great traditional festivals in Europe

Highlight: The procession of coffins: locals gather outside San Jose church holding long candles, waving incense and sobbing into handkerchiefs, waiting for the coffins to appear. During this festival in rural Galicia, devout Spaniards who have survived a near-death experience in the preceding year, whether illness or accident, are paraded in coffins through streets to give thanks to God and Santa Marta, the event’s patron,... Santa Marta de Ribarteme, As Neves, Galicia. The coffins are followed by relatives and friends dressed in black, in a procession that replicates a Spanish funeral. It may sound lugubrious, but the festival is in fact a celebration of life:

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