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Friends of the Arts puts fun in fundraising activities
Zimmerman shared an embroidered picture created by her mom, and Pat Dworkin delighted DFA members by showing off her mother's collection of slips,

What's Happening
Exhibits: Busy Hands and Useful Hours: Samplers and Embroidered Textiles. Draw the Bow: Musical Instruments in Early New England.

How Costume Helped Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling and Reese Witherspoon Turn Into the Fantastical, Magical Mrs. in ...

This movie was really different work than I normally do. [I was] working with characters who are not from planet Earth and I had look at them in a very different way. Then, I thought, she had to be a very metallic character with a lot of reflective materials, reflecting light because she was pure energy. Normally, I would take a lot of references from the real world, like images of powerful women but, in this case, I started in a very abstract way.  For Oprah, [the script read] that her character had been a star that was living for very, very many years and then suddenly disintegrated into a supernova. I was looking at images and abstract ideas, like volcanoes, explosions and the constellations in sky and the way electricity is depicted in images. And then we thought about metal and body armor and materials that are not really textiles, but they had to be like crystal and plastics. I just thought she had to be like pure energy.

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