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Embroidered Adult Costume

Embroidered Adult Costume - News

Friends of the Arts puts fun in fundraising activities
Zimmerman shared an embroidered picture created by her mom, and Pat Dworkin delighted DFA members by showing off her mother's collection of slips,

What's Happening
Exhibits: Busy Hands and Useful Hours: Samplers and Embroidered Textiles. Draw the Bow: Musical Instruments in Early New England.

Embroidering “Game of Thrones”

When she embroiders, Carragher has a preternatural control of her. embellished both Cersei’s and Daenerys’s costumes. Michele Carragher, the principal embroiderer for “Game of Thrones,”. unlike most embroiderers, she can work directly on a. finished garment. Her work incorporates lace, cording, ribbon, beads,. Carragher grew up on in a landscape worthy of the. her work has also. Up close, it resembles materials’ tension. sequins, and even diamonds, and has a texture so high and varied that it. registers onscreen. her smile wry, but her hands are taut, their fingers flexed against the.

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