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Our critics recommend... | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/24/2010
51 R (profanity, alcohol abuse, adult themes) - SR Fantastic Mr. Fox The fur flies in Wes Anderson's stop-motion-animation gem about an erudite predator and

A Minute With: Joseph Gordon-Levitt at Sundance
I get it -- the makeup and costume and character. So, the decision process went like this. They asked me if I wanted the role, and I said 'no.

Spare Times: For Children
This interactive show also includes a recreated room from the Ottoman period (about 1900), where young archaeologists can dress in costume.

The Big Screen Bulletin 02.01.10: Avatar Still #1
The Big Screen Bulletin 02.01.10: Avatar Still #1 Cap's costume will be make or break and I hope they lean towards the uniform he wore in The Ultimates. Not exactly like it, but in spirit.

Pernell Roberts, 'Bonanza' and 'Trapper John' star, dies
"Accustomed to freely moving from part to part, now being in a wildly popular show, without costume changes, about three grown men living at home with their

Find fun things to do in February in Springfield and the surrounding area
4-16, venues through Eureka Springs, Ark. Festivities include masquerade balls, costume contests, parades, pub-crawls, music, food and a parade at 2 pm Feb.

Community Calendar
Set in late-'60s suburban Minneapolis, the Coen brothers' relatively low profile but highly effective dark comedy focuses on Larry Gopnik, a timid Jewish

Ali Wong on Always Be My Maybe, Her New Book, and Life as Stand-Up’s Hardest-Working Mom

So if you’re not willing to admit that something is wrong, then something is wrong with you. “People are worried about other people thinking something’s wrong in your relationship,” she says. “And it’s like, something is wrong in every relationship. I meet her on a Friday afternoon in February, and she freely admits, before our appetizers even arrive, that she and her husband of nearly five years, Justin Hakuta, were in couple’s therapy earlier that day. When I say it’s refreshing to hear someone talk frankly about couple’s therapy, she shrugs. “Guess where it’s from,” she says, twirling in her bargain buy—paired with black Gucci slides, robin’s-egg-blue nails, and her signature cat’s-eye glasses. It’s better standing up,” she explains, “since it’s meant for the torso of a person who’s hitting puberty and a little tight around the crotch area.

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