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Cat Costume

Cat Costume - News

Alice Cooper: Lady Gaga is 'not just a costume freak'
Alice Cooper: Lady Gaga is 'not just a costume freak' She proved she's not just a costume freak. … She's going to be around as long as she wants." He also talked about what it was like to become a golfer.

Six Grammys for Beyonce but it's all thanks to Susan Boyle
Six Grammys for Beyonce but it's all thanks to Susan Boyle The unofficial prize for most outlandish costume was won by Imogen Heap, according to popular opinion, with an ensemble that left many observers scratching

Aussies set to miss out on Oscars glory
This includes Bright Star's cinematographer Greig Fraser, editor Alexandre de Franceschi, producer Jan Chapman and production and costume designer Janet

Animal lovers' calendar: Weekend of Jan. 30-31 and beyond
13, festive dogs and their owners to the "Mutti Gras" pet parade and costume contest at the Original Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax in LA from 1 to 2 pm

Beowulf found after four months
Turner had heard of someone who'd stood on a street corner in a cat costume with a sign which led to the return of a pet. She talked to a costumer in Casper

Live Oscar nomination coverage tonight
Perhaps we'll see The Cat Piano and Miracle Fish, alongside the work of DOPs Dion Beebe and Greig Fraser, or maybe editor Alexandre de Franceschi, costume

Art review: Nick Cave at Fowler Museum
I imagine that wearing a dance costume designed and fabricated by Chicago artist Nick Cave would be like transforming oneself from a ragpicker into royalty.

REVIEW: 'Fifty Shades of Purple' will cause any K-State fan's heart to race

While following the model of E. L. James, author of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” may seem like a trap that Wildcat could fall into, the author expertly avoids stereotypical character tropes by exploring what it means to hide behind a costume —... Navigating campus life, football games and an unnecessary amount of scenes that take place in the weight room (now we know how mascots get their muscles), “Fifty Shades of Purple” is a nuanced portrayal of life at K-State and it exposes the... ” Wildcat takes romance to a new level by exploring a complex relationship between a kindhearted soul in a college mascot costume and the football team’s biggest fan.

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