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Bollywood Guy Adult Costume

Bollywood Guy Adult Costume - News

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7 interesting revelations Akshay Kumar made about Bollywood in '90s that show how life has changed for him

Akshay Kumar revealed how when he shot for a song for a movie, where he had to change four costumes in one song. But then like Akshay Kumar’s fortunes, even Bollywood has changed too. Speaking to Mid-Day , Akshay Kumar revealed some very interesting facts about the Bollywood of the ’90s that you will have fun reading. If you had gone back in the ’90s and told your younger self that Akshay Kumar is one of the most popular and bankable stars in the industry, who consistently delivers profitable movies, you might roll your eyes at your future self. But, like I said before, it was not like this for Akshay Kumar when it was the ’90s. With Rs 10 for that song, they bought four gelatin papers, aur charon colours mein dikha diya mujhe (he showed me in all four colours). How costumes were changed when faced with budget cuts. So what did they do. He revealed, “He (the producer) spoke into the cameraman’s ears, who just stared back at the producer, stunned, for two minutes. ” However, Akshay...

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