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Batman Dark Knight Adult Costume

Batman Dark Knight Adult Costume - News

Book tells sprawling tale of Superman
Superman went through many incarnations, on the big and small screens: Christopher Reeve (from left) was the guy from Krypton in four movies in the '70s and '80s; Henry Cavill will don the skin-tight costume in "Man of Steel," coming in 2013;

Ratmansky's 'Firebird,' for American Ballet Theater
Ratmansky's 'Firebird,' for American Ballet Theater which had its New York premiere with American Ballet Theater on Monday night at the Metropolitan Opera House, feels timeless and modern, an ancient myth for the children, with sexual and psychological layers that appeal to adult intelligence today.

Preview calendar: Special events, theme parks and comedy for June 14-20
Pageant of the Masters ---- A Laguna Beach tradition since 1932, this two-month seaside art festival features live, costumed models re-enacting tableaux from famous paintings. This year's theme is "Genius" and will feature scenes from paintings by the

First Look: Officially Licensed Costumes From The Dark Knight Rises is thrilled to announce that they will be carrying officially licensed costumes from the latest installment of the Batman film series, The Dark Knight Rises. The cast of upcoming costumes includes the reimagined and highly

Why Robin Makes Batman Better
With adult superheroes popping up all over the place, a kid crusader on a comic-book cover would stand out. Still, it's a bit weird to think that some people hate The Dark Knight's junior partner when he's been around almost as long as Batman himself.

Another Stellar Year at America's Grandest Festival, Bonnaroo
Another Stellar Year at America's Grandest Festival, Bonnaroo Seeing children dancing next to men dressed in all black and hippies with dreadlocks reminded me of why I had wanted to attend the festival all these years. A quick swing by The Adult Swim Ragbag of Jollification made for a nice break in the sets of

Film Notes: 'Dark Knight' unveils poster; city stands out in 'Won't Back Down'
"A Fire Will Rise" is the tagline across the top, with Christian Bale as Batman against crumbling buildings and the fiery outline of a bat. The previous designs were equally striking, although in black and white. "The Dark Knight Rises," filmed

Get an Exclusive Look at Season 7 and the Venture Bros. Art Book

I don’t really have a DVD player anymore, so I rarely pop the old episodes in. And we also just strive to make it look better and better every season. It kills me to look at early seasons in the 3/4 aspect ratio and the different animation style and background style. I have all my scripts around in case I need to look anything up. Like, “What did we say about this character I want to bring back. So, it’s weirder to me to have to look at the old, finished episodes. Because those, I really don’t look at. At all. That’s weird to me. But I think [co-creator] Doc [Hammer] actually took a trip [back in time] before we started writing last season. He wanted to reacquaint himself with the show as

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