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Batman Adult Costume

Batman Adult Costume - News

The Big Screen Bulletin 02.01.10: Avatar Still #1
The Big Screen Bulletin 02.01.10: Avatar Still #1 Cap's costume will be make or break and I hope they lean towards the uniform he wore in The Ultimates. Not exactly like it, but in spirit.

Holy bondage, Batman! 'Batman XXX: A Porn Parody' with Nick Manning, Tori ...
Newmar's in the news lately herself: The Smithsonian Museum recently acquired that sexy Catwoman costume, and after decades of fanboys and fangirls telling

Sony's SPIDER-MAN web of deceit - With great power, should have came great ...
When a young adult Peter Parker throws the Spidey costume in the trash can in Stan Lee's famous Spider-Man: No More story in Amazing Spider-Man No.

Syndication Files 01.13.10: Batman: The Animated Series
The adult-oriented animated series made its debut on September 5, 1992 on Fox. Batman: The Animated Series is Miller's comic book version of Batman come to

It's Lesley Gore's party
At the Dakota, 1960s pop star Lesley Gore will celebrate her hits and explore some adult standards. By JON BREAM, Star Tribune Great club with a fun and

Bao Phi
I fought back with sincerity and smiles in my Batman costume, and managed to shake down the neighborhood for a great bit of change, which surprised my

Spider-Man No More?
Spider-Man No More? Early Spider-Man comics, whether the original or the re-vamped ultimate universe, were always more interesting when he wasn't in the costume…and it'd be

Birds of Prey Costumes Show Move Toward Gender Equality in Superhero Movies

With superhero films now comprising a solid portion of the new films released each year, “it’s opening up possibilities and options” when it comes to costume design, or anything else. While Benach doesn’t think that the skintight leather suit is going away any time soon, she thinks that the continued popularity of superhero films is opening the door to more experimentation, and “just kind of expanding the ways in which we... This is the first time we’ve seen female heroes spend a whole film comfortably clad in modern outfits they seemingly picked out themselves. “I think that the world of filmmaking is evolving,” says Benach.

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