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Jedi Robe Adult Costume

Jedi Robe Adult Costume - News

'Star Wars' fans become Jedi padawans at light saber school
'Star Wars' fans become Jedi padawans at light saber school Two years later, the class meets weekly, with roughly 25 people (many in costume) slicing, jumping, spinning, parrying and meditating for three hours every Sunday. Classes cost $10 and are open to adults and teenagers accompanied by parents. Bloch

The Force of Fans and Fabric

"This exhibition allows visitors to explore the creative processes behind the art of costume design, while discovering the unexpected ways in which these works relate to art from the DIA's collection," Salort-Pons begins, before pointing out how... The adult tour offers a more straightforward explanation of the artistry behind the different costumes—narrated by DIA president Salvador Salort-Pons, whose growly voice rivals Frank Zappa's Central Scrutinizer. While John Williams's iconic soundtrack blasts above my head, DIA employees wearing Star Wars t-shirts outfit me with a lanyard and an audio tour device with two options: The kids version teaches young art-lovers the history and ways of the Jedi. It's a nerd-out—$24 for an hour with the industrial lights and magic of Lucasfilm's costume designers.

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