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Green Lantern Costume

Green Lantern Costume - News

Comic Book Review: 'Green Lantern' #8
At the end of 'Green Lantern' #7, both Sinestro and Hal Jordan had been captured by the Indigo Tribe. But to what purpose? Since even before DC's New 52 relaunch, all readers have ever really learned of the Indigo Tribe is that their rings are powered

C2E2: DC Comics for Kids!
This year's offering is a flip book featuring a story from the animated "Green Lantern" written by Art and Franco, a Young Justice story and the debut of "Superman Family Adventures," also by Baltazar and Franco. Baltazar asked everyone in the audience

Superman's New Costume: More Answers to Come!
Superman's New Costume: More Answers to Come! Today, DC Comics began rolling out the solicitations for their July product; along with the first rumblings of the big Green Lantern crossover event that's coming up this summer, fans have already been treated to looks at the Batman and Justice League

Morgan Spurlock takes us inside Comic-Con's nerd orgy with Comic-Con Episode ...
“Today, frat guys wear Green Lantern T-shirts, you know?” Spurlock says. “When I was a kid and you read comics and you had action figures, you were like that weirdo kid, whereas now everybody has them. And not only does everybody have them,

DC Comics Planning First Major Event of the New 52
DC Comics Planning First Major Event of the New 52 The Green Lantern pictured is also somewhat puzzling, although given the current status quo shakeup in Green Lantern Corps, it could turn out to be that John Stewart is using a new costume once his trial is over (assuming he survives it–characters like

'Hunger Games' attracts big crowds, some in costume
Laura Powers said she and her friends make a habit of going to every midnight showing they can, including the "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" series as well as "Green Lantern." "We make it monthly or at least yearly to the midnight showings," she said.

Scarlett Johansson: It's 800° in my leather catsuit I don't wear ...
Scarlett Johansson: It's 800° in my leather catsuit I don't wear ... Scarlett said there was intense scrutiny over the relationship, which was “a little bit of an adjustment” compared to the relative privacy she had while married to Green Lantern star Reynolds for two years from September 2008.

Roy Thomas Discusses His Start in Marvel and Introducing Readers ...

Somebody contacted me a few months ago who collected a lot of costumes and I said I didn’t want to sell it. So I talked to John and he started working on this and said maybe you should sell it but I’m not going to sell it. Somebody found out and... All we had was the costume inside the closet so we might as well see what happens to it. I was a little unhappy when I saw that somebody…I don’t know how anybody could be dumb enough to say it was going to go for $2,000 to $3,000. It just makes people old when it’s only worth $2,000 or $3,000 and it’s not that much when in fact, it’s at least worth five figures because we turned that down. But, I’m not describing any objectively bad motives to it, I’m just saying it hurt us to have that happen and to say there is a critic because it’s no where near the truth. But I don’t say he meant any ill, but it didn’t do us any good and didn’t make us feel any kindly towards him. It can’t do any good to have somebody say that it is worth 2 or 3...

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