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Tequila Adult Costume

Tequila Adult Costume - News

Rihanna kicks back with friends and a bottle of tequila during a day off from ...
Rihanna kicks back with friends and a bottle of tequila during a day off from ... She's been critcised for her raunchy onstage behaviour and revealing costumes. But unusually, Rihanna chose to cover up her familiar curves while hanging out poolside in a none too sexy string vest. The singer, 23, gave onlookers a

Pitchfork Music Festival 2011: 15 Things Seen & Heard
Pitchfork Music Festival 2011: 15 Things Seen & Heard Frontman Bob Pollard hasn't let old age keep him from partying hard, chugging a beer and taking a swig of tequila between each song. Meanwhile, the Dismemberment Plan also extended their reunion tour with a set of danceable rock tunes, including an

Jan Terri
Jan Terri I got drunk because Mike wanted to do something on [top of the bar] and I'm afraid of heights, so I asked [my friend] Miguel for a shot of tequila. He gave me a shot of tequila and that loosened me up, and then I asked my friend Sarah to do me a favor

Summer Fancy Food Show Draws Patti Labelle, Ambassadors, NJ Housewives, Chefs ...
The guy in the panda bear costume always wins… Leaving nothing to chance, embassies had begun rolling out the red carpet to industry representatives and members of the press days in advance, with a series of cocktail receptions and chef demonstrations

Longest July 4 Parade ever at Crescent Bar
The Cool Kids donned military fatigues for the parade and took first place in the Best Costume category. They played a couple of numbers, but spectators will likely remember only "Tequila". Best Golf Car: 1. Poole family, North Park; 2.

Uh, Daddy? I just Googled your name …
During university days, we drank too much tequila one night and started tap dancing on a bar table covered with draft glasses. (OK, by “we” I mean “me” — and me was rapidly escorted out of the bar before I could finish my dance routine.

Small Business Owner Dea Koepfle Makes Hair Art at Home
Writer, radio personality, and musician Tequila Mockingbird is one of Koepfle customers. Koepfle claims Mockingbird “owns many of my Floozies and uses them in her music videos and photo shoots.” “It's fun when people are excited about my stuff,”

From Kylie to Billie: The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Very year (well, every year since the advent of Instagram), the best part of Halloween is finding out what over-the-top, undoubtedly expensive costumes celebrities have chosen to wear to drink Casamigos tequila and ring in the end of spooky season.                . In the years since graduating from college, I’ve found Halloween in the adult world to generally be an exhausting disappointment on a par with New Year’s Eve and birthday brunches. You spend too much money to look like Margot Tenenbaum, justifying the purchase of a vintage striped polo dress with a weak, “I’m sure I’ll wear this again,” but knowing full well that by the end of the night, the frock will be covered in... In the social media era, Hollywood Halloween is essentially the Oscars in October, with celebrities pulling out all the stops to accumulate likes and grace “Best Costume” lists.

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