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Parrot Adult Costume

Parrot Adult Costume - News

Friends of the Arts puts fun in fundraising activities
In the end, the Maria's guys, also known as The White Whale, did take best costume kudos, as voted on by the audience, so maybe that risky Speedo did pay

Author Claire Evans wants you to know about the women who helped found the internet

That’s why Evans set out to highlight the women who helped make the internet in her new book, “ Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet ,” a series of biographical essays about important women in tech history the Wall... Evans followed the stories of women in computing that span from Ada Lovelace , who published the first computer program in 1843, to cyberfeminism matriarch Sadie Plant , who inspired a generation of politically engaged women online in the early ‘90s. But as an adult, she became disappointed to find the story of Silicon Valley thoroughly dominated by male characters.

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