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Parrot Adult Costume

Parrot Adult Costume - News

Friends of the Arts puts fun in fundraising activities
In the end, the Maria's guys, also known as The White Whale, did take best costume kudos, as voted on by the audience, so maybe that risky Speedo did pay

The parrot that fooled the firefighters! Africa grey called Jazz who perfectly mimics fire alarm

'While we were doing this, we could still hear an alarm in the background and soon realised it was African Grey parrot Jazz continuing to do his excellent impression of a smoke alarm. Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Watch Commander, Norman James, said: 'In some properties, smoke alarms are monitored by an alarm-receiving company. 'On this occasion, it appears that while the monitoring company were on the phone to the householder, they could hear a continued alarm in the background and notified the fire service as a precaution. 'When an alarm is activated, they endeavour to make contact with the resident to establish whether there is a fire or if it is a false activation.

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