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Mexican Serape Adult Costume

Mexican Serape Adult Costume - News

Every Day Is a Holiday
For something a bit wackier, the serape costume (APR519EA) from Brighter Promotions Inc. (asi/42016) gives a Mexican twist to just about any outfit that your client will be wearing during the evening's fiesta. Memorial Day is both a solemn day to pay

ISTOOK: Will Taco Tuesday penalty on California campus also kill Halloween?
ISTOOK: Will Taco Tuesday penalty on California campus also kill Halloween? Members perform in Mexican attire that includes sombreros and serapes, and women wear long, vibrant skirts. The men wear headscarves that might be mistaken for gang scarves. Mexico's original Ballet Folklorico also uses peasant costumes and enormous 

Racist Halloween costumes still abound in Toronto stores

Year after year, Black, Indigenous and other people of colour are confronted by Halloween revellers and retailers wearing and selling racist costumes depicting a culture that is not their own. Each year, new photographs from parties around the world go viral on social media showing celebrities and drunk college students dressed in everything from Native American Warbonnets and Mexican serapes to geisha makeup and blackface. “When people dress up as ‘dream catcher girls,’ they’re not appreciating the culture, they’re just commodifying it,” says Henderson. Over the years, Henderson admits she became jaded with the concept of native dress-up for Halloween, but she was caught off guard by the sheer number of items on the racks at Party City at a time when cultural sensitivity is peaking. For many people of colour such as Henderson, it’s yet another season of visual assaults like this.

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