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Ketchup Adult Costume

Ketchup Adult Costume - News

It's a small world
He toasts his sesame bun, squirts on the ketchup, sneaks an extra slice of cheese onto his burger and fills his own cup with apple juice.

Local entreprenuer plays 20 questions
Napkins, car papers and ketchup packets. What do you do for exercise? I'm a proud practitioner of the elliptical machine at the Y. What one thing — not

Where Do You Buy Your Purim Costume?

Last Purim, Finkelstein decided to create a gemach for Purim costumes, called the “Teaneck Costume Gemach. Purim was always a fun-filled holiday for the family as they decided on a theme and then went searching for 10 costumes, with Abba and Ima joining in the fun. ” Finkelstein explained, “Since we have a lot of children in our family, over the years we have collected many Purim costumes that we have outgrown. I realized that we can be using the costumes to help other people, rather than having them accumulate dust in the attic. Over the years, they happily wore some really cool costumes.

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