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Hula Guy Adult Costume

Hula Guy Adult Costume - News

Preview calendar: Dance, galleries and museums for May 27-June 2
Adult women's tap class ---- Nancy Cottrell hosts a tap-dancing class for women over 35; 7 to 8:30 pm Thursdays; Dance Room, San Marcos Community Center,

Film Review: 'Tokyo Ghoul'

Ken Kaneki ( Masataka Kubota ) is a shy university student who finally finds the courage to approach sweet and sensitive bookworm Rize (Yu Aoi, looking like she hasn’t aged a day since the 2006 charmer “Hula Girls”). Kubota’s boyish good looks and convincing performance as a bumbling nice guy ensures that Ken will have viewers on his side right from the start. As with many tales of this type, there are good ghouls and bad ghouls. On the other side is Touka ( Fumika Shimizu ), a tough schoolgirl who begrudgingly accepts Ken into the ranks, and Nishio (Shunya Shiraishi), a fiery customer who likes killing humans and ghouls just about equally. It’s only a matter of time before Ken starts craving human flesh and has no choice but to mix with ghouls who’ve infiltrated every level of Tokyo society. On the couple’s first date, mousey Rize suddenly becomes flesh-hungry Rize.

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