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Hoop Clown Adult Costume

Hoop Clown Adult Costume - News

Festival talent show on four-legs
Festival talent show on four-legs 14, the Pet Tricks contest and Pets on Parade will be held back-to-back in the Clarks Summit Borough Building at 304 S. State St. Any person, adult or child

How to make your own 'Gritty' Halloween costume on a tight (or big) budget

“The problem with fake fur is that it could melt, so run a line of hot glue to glue one piece in place and see where the overlap happens,” he said. • Get a long-sleeved T-shirt and hot glue, or lightly stitch it, to the arms and legs, but only after you see how it fits. ” You can also use a hand-sewing needle and thread, or “baste stitch” by hand. • Wrap it around the arms and legs to see where it overlaps. • Wrap it like a sleeve or leg warmer and glue in place. He recommended checking Etsy , which still has  precut faux fur  available.

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