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Gingerbread Man Adult Costume

Gingerbread Man Adult Costume - News

Toni Collette in "United States of Tara"
Toni Collette in "United States of Tara" But the mind thought that some stale gingerbread cookies might take the mind's mind off how jilted it felt. But don't feel too bad, my fellow struggling,

Review: “Shrek the Musical” Receives Roaring Approval

The packed house of about 700 roared their approval to song after song that breathed new life, enthusiasm and humor into the time-honored characters from nursery rhymes as well as the newer characters such as Shrek, Fiona, Lord Farquaad and Donkey...   A pair of red-haired cuties (Kiera Grace and Madison Smits) portray the growing princess Fiona trapped in a tower, but Carly Uthoff becomes the spunky grown-up gal who gets into a farting contest with the smelly Shrek and sheds her long skirt to... Like Shrek says, fairy tales could use an update.   And that’s exactly what happens in “Shrek the Musical,” which opened Friday at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.

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