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Elf Adult Costume

Elf Adult Costume - News

Irresistible activities get parents and kids to play together
Dress up in costume and bring your family to dig for elf gold, make wands and drink some Wishing Potion. Registration required. Info: 676-9088,

ESR slays 'The Hobbit' in Port Huron

Into an hour and a half or so on stage, but the Patricia Gray play adapted from the classic does a pretty good job, and Enter Stage Right here is bringing it to life on its intimate stage. Bilbo and company encounter unfriendly trolls, goblins, elves and get into hand-to-hand fights as they pursue Smaug. Fight choreographer Laura White does a nice job of making the battle scenes come alive and feel just right for kids, as well as adults. overtaken Bilbo’s life, and the reluctant Hobbit allies with them. Indeed, the whole ensemble of dwarves, queens and goblins does justice to Tolkein’s story. Paula Bradley proves versatile as the creepy Gollum, as well as soldier dwarf Kili. Thorin is a fierce and brave dwarf and is played with determined courage by Rachel Kearney. The dwarves are armed with daggers, war hammers and the like. Soon, the 13 dwarves have.

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