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Elf Adult Costume

Elf Adult Costume - News

Irresistible activities get parents and kids to play together
Dress up in costume and bring your family to dig for elf gold, make wands and drink some Wishing Potion. Registration required. Info: 676-9088,

On Stage: Stellar production of 'Elf — The Musical' a joyous ride not to be missed

Essentially playing the scrooge character, Devine does a very nice job with that arc as he moves from calling security after first meeting Buddy to embracing him as his son and, of course, getting on board with the whole North Pole thing. The sold-out house on opening night at the Arvada Center was in Houghton’s corner from the start, and we soon learned it was impossible to take our eyes off him. To become this character, Houghton gives himself over entirely to the part — a level of commitment not often seen in light comedies such as this. Arvada Center regular Mark Devine (recently seen in “Mamma Mia. ”) is tremendous as Buddy’s all-work-no-play dad, Walter Hobbs.

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