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Clown Adult Costume

Clown Adult Costume - News

Walmart Clown Commercial Hits Funny Bones All Over the Net
It's not hard to understand why, because, simply put, the Walmart clown commercial is hysterical. A father dresses up in a clown costume intending to bring

Spare Times: For Children
This interactive show also includes a recreated room from the Ottoman period (about 1900), where young archaeologists can dress in costume.

Faith Calendar
Clown Workshop: The Merry Hearts Clowns will hold a professional clown workshop at New Life Church, 3205 Cannonball Trail, Yorkville.

Our critics recommend... | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/10/2010
Moliere's classic comedy has been adapted for contemporary tastes by the great clown Bill Irwin and further tweaked by puppeteer Aaron Cromie.

"Lost in Yonkers" at the Old Globe Theatre's White Theatre.
But Yonkers represents the clown who would play Hamlet at his most sincere. Simon can't help but write funny, just as he's incapable of creating a genuinely

Buttheaditis - The Demoralization of the American Male
Buttheaditis - The Demoralization of the American Male A woman tells her friend during a kids' party how she got all the party supplies at Walmart - including the clown costume daddy is wearing as he approaches

Northrop Dance at the University of Minnesota Presents Pilobolus 2/12, 2/13
He attended Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey's Clown College. MOSES PENDLETON, Choreographer, was born and raised on a farm in northern Vermont.

Police chief says clown sightings are 'major problem'

Wagner said while there were a couple clown sightings last year, it's nothing like this year. But when she showed her a scary clown image online, she said if she saw him walking down an Ironton sidewalk, “he takes my breath away. She saw one of the clowns last week. So while Blair's witch can stay on the front porch, police hope the scary costumes are put away, if not for good, at least for another week. "After 33 years in law enforcement, it's hard to be surprised," said Chief Wagner. "He was walking down the street," she said. Meanwhile, Rita Blair’s home on Sixth Street is one of the best decorated houses in town. "Halloween is my favorite holiday," she said.

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