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LIVE THE NATIVITY: Sunday; costume dress-up and narrated nativity, 4 to 5:30 p.m.; dinner, 6 p.m., registration required, 570-587-2571; Clarks Summit United Methodist Church, 1310 Morgan Highway, Clarks Summit. CRYSTAL BAND OF SCRANTON .. Visit

The 2014 Big Game List | Technobubble
The 2014 Big Game List | Technobubble That is, unless you're the undead ranger Talion and his ghost elf buddy. Then you can waltz in all you want. A marriage of Tolkien's world with the gameplay of the Japanese manga and anime. Costume-Quest-2.jpg. The adorable cast returns to save

J.P. Devine Movie Review: 'The Homesman'
J.P. Devine Movie Review: 'The Homesman' “Homesman” is no sentimental John Ford journey to the past, no “True Grit” buddy road movie shared with simple girl and grizzled gunman. It is an Pay particular attention to Lahly Poore's costume designs that seem to walk out of the 1850s. Jones

BWW Reviews: ELF is MAGICAL at San Francisco's Curran Theatre
BWW Reviews: ELF is MAGICAL at San Francisco's Curran Theatre Get up off your couch; pass through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and head on down to the Curran Theatre to see everyone's favorite Elf - Buddy! This family friendly Christmas spectacular is

BWW Review: San Diego Musical Theatre Gives San Diego a WHITE CHRISTMAS
Phil gets him to check out a sister duo of Betty (Allison Spratt Pearce) and Judy (Tro Shaw), who are related to an old Army buddy, for the new show but they both come away intrigued by the girls. Alas, the girls are on their way to Vermont to perform

Watch Side Show Stars Perform "Who Will Love Me As I Am?" on "The View ...
The two actresses are joined by Matthew Hydzik as Buddy Foster, Robert Joy as Sir, Ryan Silverman as Terry Connor and David St. Louis as Jake with Brandon Bieber as the 3 Legged Man, Matthew Patrick Davis as the Geek, Charity Angel Dawson as the

Gum Drops, Candy Canes, & Benadryl: My Day as Buddy the Elf
Gum Drops, Candy Canes, & Benadryl: My Day as Buddy the Elf I cheaply put together a Buddy costume by shopping around in discount stores, you know, any place where fashion goes to die. Jennette instead got her pink lace Jovie dress at Urban Outfitters. Yet both of our tights were from the same store…who even 

Will Ferrell's Elf costume, Tom Cruise's Top Gun flight suit and Back To The Future's light up shoes go on sale in ...

Slightly more affordable is Buddy's costume worn by Will Ferrell in hit Christmas film Elf, which is set to make between £8K-10K, while Bill Murray's Ghostbusters jumpsuit is expected to hit £6K-8K. The auction is an action hero and superhero fans dream, as Tom Cruise's Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell's Flight Suit from Top Gun is expected to make £20K-30K, while Thor's Hammer from the 2011 movie is estimated to earn £20K-£30K. Another Star Wars item - a C-3PO special effects head from The Empire Strikes Back in 1980 is expected to fetch between £60K-80K while Peter 'Star Lord' Quill's Hero Helmet from Guardians of the Galaxy and worn by Chris Pratt is estimated at... Even more accessible are the Casino Royale Playing Cards from the 2006 James Bond movie of the same name estimated at £200 - £300, while a selection of Daniel Radcliffe autographed crew items from the Harry Potter series (2001 – 2011), are...

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