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Aloha Gorilla Adult

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CHARLEYWORLD: Roseanne Goes More Nuts In Big Island TV Failure
Roseanne quickly embraced the Hawaiian concept of “aloha” by getting a restraining order against one of her neighbors after they turned her in to the country government for allegedly illegally grading her property. She was cited by the country for the

RAMPAGE New Movie Review

At some point, audiences will note (and possibly mock) how Johnson seems to be playing the exact same guy, wearing the exact same white t-shirt and walking through all of his movies in the exact same what-me-worry manner. The target audience for Rampage may be too young to remember 9/11, but the imagery (as well as the roughness of the violence) is so on-the-nose and grim that it kills what an easygoing escapist romp Johnson seems to think this is. I really like... But as the movie progresses, it not only becomes relentlessly stupid but truly dubious. Then, there’s a massive skyscraper collapsing, followed by clouds of smoke and debris, with survivors running to one another in slow motion.

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