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Aloha Gorilla Adult

Aloha Gorilla Adult - News

CHARLEYWORLD: Roseanne Goes More Nuts In Big Island TV Failure
Roseanne quickly embraced the Hawaiian concept of “aloha” by getting a restraining order against one of her neighbors after they turned her in to the country government for allegedly illegally grading her property. She was cited by the country for the

Denver Zoo reveals baby giraffe Dobby after surprise pregnancy

Along with adult females Masika and Heshimu, Dobby brings the zoo’s giraffe herd to five, officials said. Kipele was born at Denver Zoo in August 1993, while Dikembe was born at Colorado Springs’ Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in December 1993 and came to Denver in February 1996. Dobby was a surprise to zoo officials — and not simply because, at 23 years old, Kipele is the oldest of the zoo’s giraffes. Giraffes usually double in height during their first two years, reaching an average height of 12 feet, zoo officials said. Giraffe pregnancies last a whopping 15 months, and calves typically nurse for about six months, after which zoo officials will wean Dobby off his mother’s milk.

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