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Shredded Robe Adult Costume

New 'Justice League' Image Has Ezra Miller 'Flash' In Different Costume

The Costumes . When we visited the Rock of Eternity set they had the costumes worn in the film propped up for us to look at and costume designer Leah Butler took us through the significance of each of these costumes. -The costumes on set were the Shazam suit, the Wizard's robe and Sivana's villain garbs. -Shazam's costume was based on Greek and Roman designs. -Butler looked at the meaning of Shazam to draw inspiration for the design.  Shazam will have his New 52 hood that is embroidered with 3D printed Ancient Greek wording. -The Lightning bolt on Shazam's chest is a practical effect that lights up without any VFX. The Greeks began using red as a pigment in Ancient Rome.

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