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REVIEW: The Pee Wee Herman Show Fulfills Your Every Childhood (and Adult) Fantasy
REVIEW: The Pee Wee Herman Show Fulfills Your Every Childhood (and Adult) Fantasy I saw at least 4 elderly women donning Pee Wee costumes, and plenty of off-the-wall looking audience members standing alongside more suburban looking moms

A Minute With: Joseph Gordon-Levitt at Sundance
I get it -- the makeup and costume and character. So, the decision process went like this. They asked me if I wanted the role, and I said 'no.

Research Thesis of Dr Behzad
Joan is a very slippery subject who writes costume Gothic because she is afraid: afraid of the past (imaged by the ghost of the Fat Lady in Pink who walks

Mascots make return to Winter Carnival
So they looked around online and saw a craft project they figured they'd try their hand at: making a mascot costume —a fur suit — from scratch.

The Tao of Gay
Maybe I'd try it for kicks, but just for fun I'd wear a monkey costume or a bright yellow raincoat during the action, so I can laugh at how it looks on

Hard Nips and Such
Hard Nips and Such If you saw me perform prior to, say, 2006, you've most likely seen my erect nipples protruding through my costume. Don't think I was unaware;

Jail for Bideford loner who secretly filmed young girl
Officers checked the tape and it showed images of a family and children playing, with the film focussing on a young girl in a swimming costume.

The Bold Type's Katie Stevens on Jane's Biggest Career Crisis Yet

My fiancé is always like, "You do this thing where when you're working you wish you were home and when you're home you wish you were working, so just be where you are. Even though it's so fun sometimes, I just miss being able to sit at home and have that be my day every day and just be in one place. Even though it gets monotonous sometimes and you feel like you're on a road to nowhere, that road does always lead somewhere. It may not lead to where you thought it would end up, but ultimately it leads to where you're supposed to be. On the aspects of Jane's life that she envies Structure. I don't get to go home to my bed with my fiancé and my dog every day. " So I try to soak up every opportunity. Take every opportunity that you can.

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