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Mummy Adult Costume

Mummy Adult Costume - News

10 Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas
10 Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas A Mummy: I was a mummy the year I wanted to put about 10 minutes of time into crafting a costume. What do you need? Toilet paper. Think '80s snowsuits, lumberjack flannels or adult onesie pajamas. I even found an Easter bunny costume at a thrift

WWE: 5 Great Home-Made Costume Ideas for Die-Hard Pro Wrestling Fans
WWE: 5 Great Home-Made Costume Ideas for Die-Hard Pro Wrestling Fans of year when kids (and adults) are allowed to dress like their heroes and get candy! The choices for costumes are literally endless, but unfortunately, cool Halloween costumes are very pricey. Sure there are some alternatives, but the toilet paper

Sandy—All Trick, No Treat for Wilton
Sandy—All Trick, No Treat for Wilton A few million adults like me were really looking forward to the holiday too. Even the basics, like watching the costume parades at my children's schools, are exciting. Besides seeing the cute costumes—the girl in a box made to look like a washing

Halloween and harvest-themed events in Clackamas County
Halloween and harvest-themed events in Clackamas County Halloween Happenings: Senior citizens can compete in a costume contest and watch the classic movie, "Dracula" with Bela Lugosi, 11 a.m. Wed, Oct. 31. Canby Adult Center, 1250 S. Ivy St., Canby; lunch available for $2.50-$4; or

Green Halloween Costumes 2012: Easy, Free DIY Ideas For Kids And Adults
Make your own clever costume with materials around your home, or clothes that you wear on a daily basis. Below are some of our favorite do-it-yourself costumes that are not only easy to throw together, but will make even the most sour skeleton crack a

Halle Berry Reveals Her 'Adult Halloween' Plans (Video)
“I am a cupcake by day and then I'm a different costume by night,” Berry told host Jay Leno. “After she goes to bed, I go out for my adult Halloween and I'm a different thing. The adult thing is I get dressed up like a mummy, so therefore every part of

Haunt Couture: What's hot in Halloween costumes this year
Choosing the right Halloween costume, for both kids and adults, is a daunting task. Do you go with something classic, like a vampire, mummy or the sheet-over-the-head ghost? Do you pick something political? Or maybe dress up like your favorite superhero?

A Mysterious Mummy in Cairo: The Surprising True Identity of Joseph with the Coat of Many Colors

An Egyptian official bought the young Hebrew boy and made him overseer over his house, but when the official’s mistress falsely accused Joseph of trying to seduce her, he was sent to prison. Who was the king who appointed Joseph, of the legendary coat of many colors, as his minister. These were questions to which I devoted twenty-five years of my own adult life. Two years later, Joseph was set free by the Pharaoh, who also appointed him as one of his ministers, when he was able to interpret the king’s dream. Since the start of archaeological digging in Egypt more than a hundred and fifty years ago, scholars have been trying to answer these questions.

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