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Maniacal Adult Costume

Maniacal Adult Costume - News

Jenks resident stars in area Jekyll and Hyde production
“This is an adult musical about characters and their emotions.” The three lead roles are filled by students who chose to transfer to Central specifically

Hagazussa: A Heathen's Curse :: Movies :: Reviews :: Hagazussa :: Paste

It’s also stunning, a hypnotic recreation of its time and its place: 15th century Europe, a land cast into the dark ages long before the advent of the age of reason. Snapshots of Austria’s countryside megacosm center on Albrun (Alexsandra Cwen), a woman orphaned as a girl and still alone as an adult, who spends a majority of her time trudging through and taking respite in the forests of her homeland. Weren’t their business, then Feigelfeld and cinematographer Mariel Baqueiro could make a decent living shooting video diaries supporting Austria’s outdoor tourism industry. But horror is very much their gig, so the country’s natural beauty becomes a framework supporting a tale twice as disgusting.

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