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Maniacal Adult Costume

Maniacal Adult Costume - News

Jenks resident stars in area Jekyll and Hyde production
“This is an adult musical about characters and their emotions.” The three lead roles are filled by students who chose to transfer to Central specifically

TV Review: Killing Eve Wraps Up a Weird and Rich First Season

) “Nice Face” gets a boost from sheer degree of difficulty, because first episodes are never easy, and this one even less so. How did Waller-Bridge and director Harry Bradbeer manage to draw these characters so clearly within minutes, if not moments. The secret is that all involved take it as seriously as anyone would, which is to say that sometimes mundane things feel insanely important, and sometimes matters of life and death are just a day’s work. Episodes every bit as good and perhaps more daring would follow, but this one had to draw us into this world, and it did so in a real damn hurry. Choosing a best episode from a season so uniformly strong isn’t an easy task. The more impressive, and slightly more easily explained, accomplishment is how Waller-Bridge, Bradbeer, Sandra Oh , and Jodie Comer managed to establish the tone of the series so quickly.

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