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Leprechaun Costume

Leprechaun Costume - News

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Leprechaun Costume Ideas for St Patrick's Day 2019

Green pants, shorts, or a skirt might be harder to come by. if you don’t have green, orange, or plaid bottoms to wear, a pair of jeans rolled up to your calves could work last-minute – just make sure you have a fun pair of St. Patrick’s Day... If you don’t own a green blazer or jacket and aren’t looking to purchase one, a green button-down shirt would do. Alternatively, a white shirt would work fine if you give it green accessories such as suspenders, a bow tie, or a string of beads. If you’re wanting to dress up like a leprechaun to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, there are a number of routes you could take your costume, from elaborate to simple. In observance of the day, some choose to wear the color green, while others go all-out with leprechaun-inspired attire. The simplest way to start assembling your costume would be to look in your closet and drawers for any green articles of clothing you already own. If you did manage to find or buy green bottoms, the most traditional sock option would be a pair of white knee-length socks.

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