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Green Monster Adult Costume

Green Monster Adult Costume - News

MY RIDE EVENTS: Take a kid to a car show!
Best Uncle Sam Costume Contest, Best Stars & Stripes bike paint, 2 pm judging. Representatives on hand from the Disabled American Veterans.

Why 'Westworld' and 'The Crown' Could Win Production Design Emmys

Production designer Julie Berghoff fed off of the gray, muted look of Gilead and color-coded costumes from nominated costume designer Ane Crabtree. For the concluding Season 3 of John Logan’s 19th-century monster mash, “Penny Dreadful,” production designer Jonathan McKinstry got to expand beyond London and venture to the American West. He built warm Santa Fe settings in Almeria, Spain, home of the ’60s spaghetti westerns. The luxurious Waterford home is filled with watercolor masterworks and the ceilings are very decorative, including a map of the country in the Commander’s office (Joseph Fiennes). For Offred’s (nominated Elisabeth Moss) stark, white room, there are are only a few essentials, but the odd presence of a desk serves as a reminder of the past she left behind as a book editor.

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