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Dr Phobic Costume

Dr Phobic Costume - News

Glamour meets glitz
It was more my phobia than their's. “It's only been in the last 10 years that I have started to feel comfortable with who I am with my family.

APU Opera: Getting a Handle on Händel
This is definitely the production to bring someone who is opera-phobic to.” With expressions as lively as their retro attire, the performers opened with a

Exterminator Dresses Up Cockroaches
Bohdan thinks someone with a major fear of the creepy crawlers could easily get over their phobia by looking at the silly scenes he's built.

Podcast: Can Selfishness Be a Good Thing?

Narrator 1: Welcome to the Psych Central show, where each episode presents an in-depth look at issues from the field of psychology and mental health –  with host Gabe Howard and co-host Vincent M. Wales. And today, Vincent and I will be talking to Dr. Laura Dabney. Gabe Howard: Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week’s episode of the Psych Central Show Podcast. Gabe Howard: Well, we are very, very happy to have you. My name is Gabe Howard and I’m here with my fellow host, Vincent M. Wales. And today, we’re going to be discussing being selfish in relationships. So the first question that I want to ask you is, you know, narcissism is kind of one of those diagnosis dujours, as I believe that we discussed in the preliminaries for this episode. So how is being selfish in a relationship not narcissism.

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