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Count Cape

Count Cape - News

Count your blessings
Count your blessings Howard and Broadhead spoke of the Mother Canada monument and their opinion that the Cape Breton Highlands National Park would not be a suitable location for such a monument. I could not agree less. Ecosystems of flora and fauna should be held as 

Horbacz beats Henry-Wilkinson after absentee count; write-in votes win Suller ...
WATERTOWN — Cody J. Horbacz had to wait a little longer to open a bottle of tequila to celebrate his election to City Council. That wait came to an end Tuesday when he unofficially was elected after absentee and affidavit ballots were counted at the 

Detective: Laurel man headbutts baby to death
He faced one felony count of capital murder in connection to the death of his six-month-old son Rashad Crosby Jr. Laurel Municipal Court Judge Kyle Robertson denied Crosby's bond. The scene: Officers with the Laurel Police Department responded to a 

Highway 45 in southern Wisconsin: A road to the past
Highway 45 in southern Wisconsin: A road to the past That section is one of the more scenic state highways in our corner of Wisconsin, inscribing a straight line across the rolling farm country of western Racine and Kenosha counties as it connects the demographic dots of Muskego, North Cape, Union Grove

High-tech lets birders virtually join migration count
He, Tom Reed, Mike Lanzone and David La Puma were atop the artificial dike at Higbee Beach for the Morning Flight bird count at New Jersey Audubon's Cape May Bird Observatory when tens of thousands of warblers flooded the southern tip of New Jersey 

Live coverage: Atlas 5 countdown and launch journal
Live coverage: Atlas 5 countdown and launch journal The front draped over the Cape violated the launch rules throughout the final phases of the count and 30-minute launch window. Liftoff is reset for Friday during a 30-minute launch window opening at 5:33:11 p.m. EST (2233:11 GMT). However, similar 

Centerville man gets 8-year prison term on heroin charges
Centerville man gets 8-year prison term on heroin charges Antrim pleaded guilty to two counts of trafficking heroin, three counts of possession of heroin with intent to distribute as a subsequent offense, and one count of possession of heroin with intent to distribute. In an effort to resolve the case before

LETTER: Innacurate count for Cape Breton prompts Nova Scotia Health Authority apology

Having dedicated physician recruitment consultants in each of our zones gives us a solid foundation for recruitment and we are fortunate to have physicians who are passionate about their work and their communities who can relate We announced 16 doctors, when in fact there are 13 doctors arriving. We counted a doctor who has been offered a contract, but has not yet signed. Recruitment takes time and takes the effort of many people. The number of doctors we referred to in the release either started in July, 2017 or will be arriving over the next six months. Therefore it should not have been included as well as a doctor who is starting, but is actually going to another area, not Sydney.

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