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Shirley Wild: Crowd packs Knabe's county assessment
Rachelle Almeida, costume designer, and design department students Michael Ly and Alice Yoon (recipient of the Kenneth Schwartz Memorial Scholarship for

Free Hillsborough library events
Wear your pirate costume for an opportunity to win a buried treasure. Special guests will perform amazing pirate feats and teach us more about these

Serious, silly plans for Catholic week
in honor of the 50th anniversary of the school, middle school Trivia Club contest, all-school assembly with root beer floats, Elvis costume contest.

Collection effort needs everything from toothpaste to toys
Teen-to-Teen Theater: Costume pieces and props for an upcoming show set in a 1950s diner such as saddle shoes. Letter sweaters (or school sweaters),

Find fun things to do in February in Springfield and the surrounding area
4-16, venues through Eureka Springs, Ark. Festivities include masquerade balls, costume contests, parades, pub-crawls, music, food and a parade at 2 pm Feb.

Volunteer Opportunities 013010
The Fayette County 4-H needs parent volunteers or any other adult who enjoys working with fifth-grade age students. The volunteer would go into the

"Skateland" just another coming-of-age movie
Teens tend not to care about filmmakers' reminisces about growing up, and adult fans of indie cinema may cringe at the utter neatness of the storytelling

20 things you missed in the new Borderlands trailer: Tiny Tina's grown up, Lilith's your enemy (?), and Atlas might have a Psycho army

I have a vague idea of how this could happen (just look below to see how Atlas could be involved), as the fact that the bandits are bowing on their knees might imply that there’s some kind of religious element behind it… shudder. The baddies are being worshipped by Psychos, so they might be their army . As the camera pulls out we can see that those two characters are being worshipped by Borderlands’ famous Psychos. Arguably this could just be some artistic licence, but if you ask me it looks like the main foes might have somehow recruited Pandora’s entire bandit population to be their own army.

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