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Bloodthirst Adult Costume

Bloodthirst Adult Costume - News

The Lady or the Tiger
The former Wonderland setting becomes an austere arrangement of planked flooring and stylish but gloomy wall-hangings, while a quirky costume collection

Top 10 Toughest Females in Gaming
Now an adult, Faith's ability to live on the edge often involves heart-stopping moments of sheer insanity; any woman with the agility and guts to outrun

Fab News: So Much to Tell You!

Beakley was kind of mean and Lin-Manuel Gizmoduck wouldn’t get there til halfway through the season and I went ugh, then I watched it and then I had to watch the second episode and then I couldn’t stop watching and I love this show so much. I wanted to like this series, then I heard the cut-off theme song, and that REALLY bugged me, and I saw their heads, and that really bugged me, and I learned that Gyro was a big stupid jerkface and Mrs. If you don’t have any way at all to watch it, get this DVD and play it on your computer or DVD player. It’s fun and entertaining and the series is, while the episodes CAN stand alone, episodic.   Danny Pudi  as Huey Duck.   Ben Schwartz  as Dewey      Duck. available on DVD June 5th.

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