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Zoot Suit Hat

Zoot Suit Hat - News

Northridge Mall in Salinas aims to capture Latino customers
I was a little uncomfortable with the religious stuff at first, but you can't argue with success — it's bringing people into the mall and into my store," said Sandoval, whose shop includes dressy duds such as tuxedos, Zoot suits and dress hats.

Ry Cooder zum 65. Geburtstag
Ry Cooder zum 65. Geburtstag dass es deutsch „Auf den Straßen von Los Angeles“ heißen muss, aber dafür hätte sie keine Ahnung gehabt, wer Johnny Ace war und wer John Lee Hooker, welche Frau jahrelang als männlicher Jazzmusiker durchging und wie ein Zoot Suit auszusehen hat.

South Side STORY

” He still dresses much the same way today, a tall man wearing zoot suits, spats and porkpie hats with zero irony. He was a light-skinned black man in an era when skin tone mattered far more than the color of your clothes, a characteristic that could be problematic, sometimes lethally so. It helped that his girlfriend’s brother ran the Egyptian Cobras gang. it also helped that he was a football star—first a tight end, then later his school’s first black quarterback. “I got about $75 to $100 a week [equivalent to $800+ in today’s money], and that was the ’50s. “These kids today, they wouldn’t last five minutes,” he says in regard to that city’s current crime wave, driven by failed social policy and fueled by cheap guns imported from neighboring states. “So, growing up, I kept a pocketful of money” from doing light custodial work in the mornings and on weekends. He later applied that eye to designing clothes for artists like The Bar-Kays, Isaac Hayes and Gil...

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