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Tricorn Hat Adult

Tricorn Hat Adult - News

February celebrations are topic for children's art class
February celebrations are topic for children's art class Mardi Gras motifs include masks, King cakes, doubloons, jazz instruments, jesters, tricorn hats and beads. In honor of the presidents, students will Children age 10 and under should be accompanied by an adult. Ongoing workshops meet every Tuesday 

Holiday Occasions
Performances are 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 3 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets cost $30, $15 for student rush; one child under 12 free with adult admission for onstage seating. For more: 732-545-8100 or

Won Over by the Battlefield
Won Over by the Battlefield As a young adult, I had never been comfortable with the line between honoring our fallen soldiers and the glorification of war, so I had avoided the subject altogether. But Dean became fascinated by battles when he was a little boy; alone in his room

Lawrence re-enactor makes a career out of annual Delaware crossing event
Lawrence re-enactor makes a career out of annual Delaware crossing event LAWRENCE — George Washington waded through the freezing tides, hard waves and chunks of ice whipping against him in his frost-riddled black tricorne hat. He clenched at the metal clasp holding together the wool cloak draped over a navy blue jacket.

National Conversation About Race To Start Any Day Now
POOR TRICORNE HAT SHOWING AT ANTI-IMMIGRATION RALLY - Your friend's improv show probably had a better showing than this. Elise Foley: Republicans who vote to fund the Department of Homeland Security without measures to end the president's 

Harrie Copeland, civic leader and former Freeholder, dies at 64
1 featured a panel of Hunterdon luminaries wearing knee-britches and tricorn hats of the 1700s, handling various matters of business. Copeland was preceded in death by his parents, Harrie and Charlotte Copeland. He is survived by his wife of 39 years, 

We are f***ing sadists: We are not decent, and we are not a democracy
We are f***ing sadists: We are not decent, and we are not a democracy When the Tea Party first emerged back in 2008 or so, I looked at the knee breeches and the tricorn hats and thought, O.K., these are the bearers forward of the myths, more literally than one would ever have guessed. These are history's enemies. This is

Fun Foolery

As an adult, I still appreciate a well-designed duping. April 2008, John Paul of Cameron Winery graced the cover in grape-covered undies — assembled by me — with a tricorn hat, a general’s jacket and rain boots. My sister ran into my teacher a few years ago. In fact, for a few years, the April edition of OWP was a vehicle for high jinks in article form. “John Paul and the Cascade Republic: Oregon secedes where others fail,” by Riggs Fulmer with well-staged, intriguing photos by the talented Andrea Johnson. One spring day in fourth grade, my twin and I — gangly and definitely awkward — decided to trick our teachers. Soon, the teachers connected the dots and sent us back to our respective rooms. The teachers blew the whistle and in we went, into each other’s classrooms. A prank worthy of April Fools. Jess and I, and our friends who were in on the joke, giggled like schoolgirls.

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