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Talking Astronaut Helmet

Talking Astronaut Helmet - News

NASA Working on Amazing, New Spacesuit It will be able to support astronauts ...
That is to say, several types of arms, legs and helmets could be added to various types of torsos. At this point, there are several types of spacesuits

South Africa v England 4th Test day two as it happened
(Cue great 2001 Crescendo) - A white gloved hand shoots out to take the catch, the camera pans to mirror visored astronaut, which folds back as he turns

Coachella’s astronaut has returned, go behind the scenes with how Poetic Kinetics brought it back

The boots have dust from intergalactic dance floors from far-flung festivals — including the Jupiter Jam and Lasers in a Black Hole, the latter a nod to the terrestrial Lightning in a Bottle — and the astronaut has the wristbands to prove it. At... Technically, it’s not — the original is at the Science Museum of Minnesota — but the astronaut has traveled around the planets, the moons, the suns and more. “I’m a space and science nerd, so this is the kind of art I’m attracted to,” she said after snapping a photo from her perspective as the astronaut’s hands moved. Meena Raouf, an engineer at a medical device design firm from Oakland, remembered the original Coachella astronaut and liked its “new metallic aesthetic.

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