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Talking Astronaut Helmet

Talking Astronaut Helmet - News

NASA Working on Amazing, New Spacesuit It will be able to support astronauts ...
That is to say, several types of arms, legs and helmets could be added to various types of torsos. At this point, there are several types of spacesuits

South Africa v England 4th Test day two as it happened
(Cue great 2001 Crescendo) - A white gloved hand shoots out to take the catch, the camera pans to mirror visored astronaut, which folds back as he turns

Golden 'Project Bullet' helmet John Glenn wore to make the first supersonic transcontinental flight up for auction

'Godspeed, John Glenn,' fellow astronaut Scott Carpenter radioed just before Glenn thundered off a Cape Canaveral launch pad, now a National Historic Landmark, to a place America had never been. He said in an interview 50 years after that historic mission: 'It still seems so vivid to me. I still can sort of pseudo feel some of those same sensations I had back in those days during launch and all. During the flight, Glenn uttered a phrase that he would repeat frequently throughout life: 'Zero G, and I feel fine. Years later, he explained he said that because he didn't feel like he had lifted off and it was the only way he knew he had launched.

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