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Star Trek Spock Wig with Ears

Star Trek Spock Wig with Ears - News

Almost 800 ladies unite for Queenscourt Hospice Star Trekk
Dressed in pink clothing, sparkly wigs and flashing ears, the willing participants were in high spirits as they took off on the fifth Star Trekk, an extra special event this year as it coincided with the hospice's 20th anniversary.

Michael Dante at the Memphis Film Festival: Dante's Infernal (in 'The Naked ...
Michael Dante at the Memphis Film Festival: Dante's Infernal (in 'The Naked ... Trekkies or Trekkers may recognize him as the belligerent humanoid, Maab, on a 1967 second-season episode of "Star Trek" titled "Friday's Child." ("We were a superior race," Dante remembers. "Tall and supposedly handsome and intellectually superior.

Ethan Peck Cast As Spock On 'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 2

For many of them the idea of Spock is pure fangasm stuff an many will give it a pass just because they’re bringing him in. But then there are fans who are more interested in the 50 year story, the characters and the quality of the scripts. It’s a high bar to jump and if they cannot jump it I fear it’s going to be a particularly frustrating watch for those of us who come to Trek for the scripts and characters. If you are going to go down the “younger but different” route you’re basically giving yourself an excuse not to stick too closely to the Nimoy Spock and that’s when I get worried, especially since a lot of the writing on Discovery has so far been... Putting aside the fact that this kid will never ever come close to Nimoy, whose Spock he is meant to be playing, the character had almost fifty years of development. Recasting Prime Spock is something you absolutely have to get right, not only in the choice of actor but very much in the writing.

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