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Star Trek Spock Wig with Ears

Star Trek Spock Wig with Ears - News

Almost 800 ladies unite for Queenscourt Hospice Star Trekk
Dressed in pink clothing, sparkly wigs and flashing ears, the willing participants were in high spirits as they took off on the fifth Star Trekk, an extra special event this year as it coincided with the hospice's 20th anniversary.

Michael Dante at the Memphis Film Festival: Dante's Infernal (in 'The Naked ...
Michael Dante at the Memphis Film Festival: Dante's Infernal (in 'The Naked ... Trekkies or Trekkers may recognize him as the belligerent humanoid, Maab, on a 1967 second-season episode of "Star Trek" titled "Friday's Child." ("We were a superior race," Dante remembers. "Tall and supposedly handsome and intellectually superior.

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan - The History of the Horrifying Ear Scene

The close-ups of an eel crawling into the ear were created by fashioning an oversized portion of Chekov's head from rubber. In a masterfully brilliant touch, Ralston imagined that the eel's larvae nested among the segments of its mother's back, and had to be pulled free with a forceful yank from a pair of tongs. In a brilliantly nasty touch, the larval eels were slathered in a translucent substance to make them look more slimy and unpleasant. The one Sallin ultimately chose was both the simplest design and the most abominable: a segmented, tough-looking creature which lay on its belly. The larvae which crawl across Chekov and Terrell's faces are pulled along with a piece of monofilament.

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