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Shark Hat

Shark Hat - News

Sharks fight hard for second-place finish at Sliver Stick competition
The Sharks won the game 3-2, thanks to hat trick from Riley Therrien and assists from Sam McGriskin and Mitch Stewart. Moving on to the final, the Sharks

My Night at the Opera
He ushers at the Players, the Asolo Rep, the opera (he was their Volunteer of the Year last year) and makes frequent public appearances in a shark suit to

Antony Sher: My quest to find Henrik Ibsen
Antony Sher: My quest to find Henrik Ibsen He was self-conscious about his height – a mere 5ft 2in – and spent his life wearing raised heels, a big top hat, and even brushing his hair into an upward

A father's pride swells as the teardrops fall with the Leafs
The Canadiens' 'CH' intrigued him as he turned five, while his sixth birthday saw him adopt the ferocious San Jose Shark as it chomped on a hockey stick.

San Jose Set A Club Record For Goal Scorers
Jay Leach recorded his first point as a Shark with an assist in the third period. “To be quite honest, I'm kind of stuck for words.

What fun it was being a decoy for great white sharks
Hunting buddy Rene Lariviere later told me, “You won't believe this, but two women were walking through the woods waving a long stick with an orange hat on

Interview with LOST Co-Creator Damon Lindelof
Interview with LOST Co-Creator Damon Lindelof Has that been the most hotly debated jump the shark issue? Damon: Sure. I think that the show has probably jumped the shark at least a dozen times now.

Here's how a Sharks T-shirt ended up in 'The Mighty Ducks'

This early in the film, the Ducks aren’t convincing hockey players, but they are convincing hockey fans. The Sharks still were in the middle of their inaugural season when “The Mighty Ducks” entered production in early 1992. San Jose’s logo -- a black shark biting through a hockey stick -- was distinct, as was the teal color scheme. Steven Brill, the film’s writer and a lifelong hockey fan, originally envisioned all the kids wearing local teams’ gear. “And then I think we wanted to mix it up, and use something cool, which was the new Sharks [logo] which had just come out. One character wears a Philadelphia Flyers coat and shirt, and another’s jacket bears pins from the University of Minnesota. The scene introduced Averman and his teammates to the film’s main character, Gordon Bombay.

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