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Police Officer Hat

Police Officer Hat - News

1 driver who hit girl is charged; teen accused of improper photography
The woman, whose name was not released Monday, was identified late Friday and plans to surrender to authorities this morning, Round Rock police officer Eric

7-Year-Old Saves Older Brother After Ice Fall
I was able to lean down and grab the young man and pull him out of the water," Officer John Oakes of the Margate City Police Department explained.

Black police group says racism rampant in city police department
Black police group says racism rampant in city police department **A white colonel cursing a black officer during a public roll call for failing to wear a hat. **White officers routinely referring to black officers by the

Cab driver robbed in South Burlington
He and wearing a dark leather coat. Anyone with information is asked to contact South Burlington Police Officer Matt Plunkett at 846-4111.

Police Release Audio From Sunset District 911 Call
"We're trying to increase our exposure in terms of the medium the Web site provides," police spokesman Officer Boaz Mariles said Monday.

Shudders Follow a Killing on Madison Avenue
A man trying to enter FM Allen asked the police officer standing by the door to please step aside. As the recording from the police van played,

Police Blotter Week of 02/01/10
Officers tracked the suspect and took him into custody. Before being patted down, he denied carrying any objects that might harm the officer—yet in his

The Trump Administration's Free Speech Fight With the University of Michigan Is About Identity, Not Expression

In Trumpian logic, wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat is tantamount to wearing a target on your back. That bill would make "knowingly caus[ing] serious bodily injury to a law enforcement officer, or attempts to do so" a federal crime on par with hate crimes.  The DOJ under Trump has sought to establish "police officer" as a protected class through hate crimes measures. In February of 2017, Trump  signed an executive order directing his administration to "define new federal crimes" for violence against law enforcement officers.

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