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Pharaoh Headpiece

Pharaoh Headpiece - News

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When Pharaoh promoted him, gold jewelry and a headpiece were added, but otherwise, he remained in the same costume throughout. Headpieces were a prominent component of the costume designs, from Pharaoh's "Elvis hair" to the Egyptian hair beads to the

The Crowns of the Pharaohs

The Nemes headdress of the death mask shows the combination of gold and lapis lazuli as well as the contrast and agreement between life (gold-sun-life) and death (heavenly stone lapis lazuli). Life embraces death as expressed in the Nemes headdress as a death mask, which functions as a funeral card of the deceased one. Lapis lazuli was believed to be as a sacred stone with magical powers and was also called heavenly stone because of the connection with life after death. The Nemes on the death mask of Tut-Ankh-Amen is made of gold and lapis lazuli. In both cases it marks the end of the earthly life, either with or without the false beard that decorates so often the depicture of the pharaoh. Lapis lazuli is an azure blue gem, which, in Ancient Egypt, was often laid inside graves to accompany the deceased one in the afterlife. The Nemes as a death mask provides us with this information.

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