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Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat

Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat - News

Johnny Depp: Why does he always stay at home?
The evil-minded Jack Sparrow of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' fame rarely leaves his home, unless work commitments compel him to. And the reason, as to why,

Old or New?
Old or New? Most folks considered it a real “plussing” of the ride but a few purists objected to the inclusion of Captain Jack Sparrow in several scenes.

Painesville native Jesse LeNoir competing on 'Project Runway'
Painesville native Jesse LeNoir competing on 'Project Runway' Jack Sparrow at Disney World in Orlando. Well, I was in the show "Capt. Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tutorial." Disney is a little finicky over how you say you

Project Runway Season 7 Premiere Recap
wearing a porkpie hat and B) it turns out that he is an actor at C) DISNEYLAND who plays D) CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Sherlock Holmes back in business
The character is part roguishly driven Tony Stark, part witty and tipsy Jack Sparrow and part brilliant CSI genius Gilbert Grissom.

House, Twilight bring home People's Choice Awards; recap and winners
House, Twilight bring home People's Choice Awards; recap and winners Of note from Depp's acceptance speech was the fact he had his Jack Sparrow goatee in place, looking like he's ready for more Pirates filming.

How to Eat a Carrot, and our Favorite Food Shows This Week on TV Dinner
He's no Jack Sparrow, but we'd let him pirate our Caribbean any time. Weekend TV roundup and this week's food show listings after the jump.

Prithee, good sir, which way to the Renaissance Faire?

As we speak, my closet hath gotten pretty full of suitable garb for various moods – a black maiden’s dress when feeling flirty, a captain’s coat for my tough pirate-chick look and various pouches, belts and baldrics. ” and, well, having such a rollicking-eth, frolicking-eth good time …. I soon dropped my too-cool facade and joined their ranks. On my maiden foray into the Renaissance Faire, a decade-plus past, the scene was one of mirth, merriment, jesters, jousters and — in my “I’m much too cool for this” opinion – nerds. (Though, to this day, I draw the line at uttering the word “huzzah” under any circumstances. They were ringing bells, shouting “Huzzah.

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