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Gangster Hat

Gangster Hat - News

Joel and Ethan Coen: A study in subversion
Joel and Ethan Coen: A study in subversion hat?'' A loving homage to the genre that birthed “The Public Enemy'' and “The Godfather,'' “Miller's Crossing'' is also a deconstruction of the gangster

Vacation Robo-Post: Great Performances of 2010
A 1920s gangster, a football coach (and maybe not the one you're thinking of), a therapy patient in a strange land. Like my list of great TV quotes from

The Dude does the Duke
The Hudsucker Proxy their screwball comedy, Miller's Crossing their gangster film, and so forth—but they make a surprisingly traditional Western here.

First half of Almost Acoustic Christmas mostly rocks
Emerging out of the shadows, dapper in a blue gangster/pachuco suit and hat, the OC punk veteran was in sharp, sweaty form from the start and selected

The Tourist Review
The Tourist Review investigation of Pierce because all he did was steal from a gangster and he has “good taste in women,” so really they should just tip their hat to him.

300C leaves gang, goes straight
Just-released photos of the much-anticipated update of the Chrysler 300C suggests it is set to leave its gangster lifestyle behind.

Christmas In Italy: Last-Minute Travel Deals
Christmas In Italy: Last-Minute Travel Deals as the Terme di Saturina Resort & Spa hosts a 1930s soiree, complete with gangster pinstripe suits, bow ties, Borsalino-hat clad waiters and chefs.

Lionsgate Takes UK Rights to Feature Documentary About Notorious Gangster Freddie Foreman (EXCLUSIVE)

” Rather than glamorizing Foreman’s life of crime, “Fred” is billed as a somber and intimate look at the notorious villain towards the end of his life. Lionsgate has taken the U. K. rights to “ Fred ,” a new feature documentary about notorious London gangster, and one-time Kray twins associate, Freddie Foreman. Foreman’s team approached Salon after seeing its work on underworld documentary “The Guv’nor,” and subsequent movie “ My Name is Lenny. “Fred” was written, and is directed by, Salon’s Paul Van Carter, (“The Guv’nor”).

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