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Sydney Leathers may have been exposed to HIV during porn filming
The Adult Production Health and Safety Services is currently testing Bay's sex partners to determine if the virus has spread. Until the tests come back conclusive, there will be a moratorium on filming porn, reports the New York Post. A similar

What I Learned about Style from Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
Fashionable onesies are sort of in style right now, except they have uppity adult names like “jumpsuit” or “romper.” Newsflash: you're wearing a onesie. Cyndi… oh, wait, I totally just bought a straw fedora. THE BIGGER THE EARRING, THE CLOSER TO 

CATO's Schizo on Welfare
Americans who are adults who have less than a high school degree having their wages driven down there are much cheaper and easier ways to help those invididuals than distorting international labor markets with socialistic regulations that stop the flow

New out on DVD/Blu-ray for Tuesday August 20.
Epic is actually a pretty well done and cute animated adventure tale that is sure to appeal to children and won't bore adults to death either. It's very colourful and family friendly, and it has a strong environmental message in it that will remind

Racing group uses Million to draw Millennials to the track
Cox, 25, of Lexington, Ky., is a brand ambassador for America's Best Racing, a group hoping to turn the adult Millennials — 21- to 33-year-olds — into horse racing fans. Sporting Ray Bans, a And from the paddock to the grand stand, it was clear votes Ashley Dupre hottest woman in scandals
Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky received 19 percent and former adult film star Ginger Lee, who used to sext with Anthony Weiner, received 13 percent. Dupre, who worked for the escort agency NY Confidential, which handed out business cards 

Tennessee judge outlaws baby name 'Messiah' but who approved 'Google' and ...
Other names on the list were Goodluck, Burger, Hippo, Thunder and Vice for boys and Rogue, Monalisa, Jury, Fedora and Sesame for girls. But I recently came across a case of a man who named himself as an adult and so he can't claim ignorance. He can 

Prufrock: A History of Hadrian's Wall, Einstein's Xenophobia, and the Strange Case of the Missing Joyce Scholar

Nigel Spivey reviews Adrian Goldsworthy’s new book on the structure: “It is a principle of Adrian Goldsworthy’s succinct and eminently sensible new account of Hadrian’s Wall that the project was essentially ‘intended to assist the Roman army in... But—as we know—big walls tend to be built on big ideas. Why did the Romans build Hadrian’s Wall. ’ One immediate rejoinder to that premise is that Roman legionaries had strange ideas about making life easier for themselves, if they undertook this amount of muscular spadework—but never mind. Goldsworthy patiently explains how the system worked, once it was in place, enabling the Romans to control such human traffic as there was in these limestone and basalt uplands.

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