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Linux...Do It for the Children

He has grown up in a. magical world of electronics that delivers what he wants to watch when he. wants to watch it. Access to the web is something he always has known. years ago, my wife and I thought it was something he should at least. words, "do it for the children" for years. As I write this, my youngest son is 11 years old. understand, so we turned to a live TV program for the first time in I don't. multiple Google Home units in the house, including one in his bedroom, the. those words draws the Spock eyebrow lift out of me faster than you can say,. on-demand magic is pretty much complete. It's one of those "reasons". people turn to when all else has failed in terms of getting you to sign on. to whatever lifestyle, agenda, law, changes to food—you name it. Hearing. know how long.

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