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Colonial Tricorn Hat

Colonial Tricorn Hat - News

Boston: (Tea) Party like it's 1773
I've made the trek from New Hampshire to visit the museum with my 3-year-old, Chloe, who's having fun, despite wondering why there are so many pirates in this place; the re-enactors' tricorn hats are throwing her off. “They're not pirates,” I When

Canada Travel: Six things to do in Quebec City
Canada Travel: Six things to do in Quebec City Dress up like a colonial nobleman, complete with brocaded greatcoat, white tights and velvet pants, a tricorn hat and transport yourself through time. All in the name of a good fete. Come for five days of fun and frolics, mostly centred on Place Royale

Family Village gets $1.8M so gamers and grandmas can rewrite family history
Family Village gets $1.8M so gamers and grandmas can rewrite family history Avatars in the 1920s sport flapper dresses, while ancestors from the colonial era will wear breeches and tricorn hats. The game's scenarios are as historically accurate as possible and uphold the apparel, architecture, and social mores of any given

Coventry Farmers' Market Makes A Great Day Trip
But the interior, with its herb-filled kitchen and small closet where generations of children read their schoolbooks, holds some of Nathan's personal belongings as well as intriguing artifacts of daily Colonial-era life. Costumed guides relate the

Go Back to the Year 1776 at Colonial Michilimackinac

Interpreters at Colonial Michilimackinac portray the year 1776, which if you remember from history class is the year of America’s Declaration of Independence from Britain. Wilson’s morning routine includes starting fires for cooking demonstrations, setting up artillery pieces and running up the flag—the British flag. While the early rumblings of the Revolutionary War sounded in the east, the French and British frontier, including Michilimackinac, had just as much going on. “When you hear ‘interpreter,’ what do you think. Being an interpreter may seem like an unusual vocational choice, but to Wilson, his job isn’t much different from yours. “Someone who’s going to translate a foreign language. If you think of the past as a foreign country, then we are translators.

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