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Adventurer Hat

Adventurer Hat - News

Oscar nominations bring few surprises amid an unusual battle for best director
Oscar nominations bring few surprises amid an unusual battle for best director Up, up and away: "Up," the Pixar delight about an airborne house, talking dogs and the true meaning of adventure, became the second fully animated feature

Doctor Who: The Complete Specials (Blu-ray)
Tennant and Morrissey, who steals many of the scenes, have a good chemistry together and the series' trademark mix of action, adventure, effects and humor

GP2: DAMS Becomes Renault F1 Junior Team…
Unisex Velcro back hat with SPEED logo on front. PINKS logo embroidered on left and PAO logo on right. One size fits all. Men's 6 oz.

New Fond du Lac YMCA to open by June 1
The building's north side will have a childcare area, racquetball courts, offices, meeting space, the lobby and the Family Adventure Center, where children

Man about town
Man about town Apart from his photography, Zavada, 26, a graduate of Marywood University, is also an intenerate adventurer. As part of a study abroad program he studied

Avon Lake cyclist trekking to Belgium
Avon Lake cyclist trekking to Belgium To chronicle his adventure, Gabel will continue to post about once a week on his blog, “Breaking Belgium: A Racer's Story of a Life Behind Bars” at

Romantic Vacation Ideas for Valentine's Day
Hawaii has it all - family fun, outdoor adventure, and romantic travel opportunities. The South Pacific island chain is likely still too pricey for a long

How hats were placed atop the Easter Island heads

They then rolled the hats till they reached the top, before finally tipping the Moai upright. The largest of these colossal red hats has a diameter of over 2m and weighs nearly 11 tonnes. The researchers' investigations indicate the pukao were rolled across miles of rugged terrain and earthen ramps to reach the top of the ancestor heads, called Moai. Islanders are likely to have wrapped the pukao with ropes to roll and tip them. By applying filters to their models, they began to identify clues that are shared among pukao which show the marks of wear and tear in how they were moved.

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