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Wolfman Adult Costume

Wolfman Adult Costume - News

Grumpy Old Fan | Titans, go ... away?
Grumpy Old Fan | Titans, go ... away? Going back to the Wolfman/Pérez well hasn't been especially successful, but these characters are so identified as the adult Titans that it's hard to imagine

Birds of Prey 101: Huntress, from mob family origins to ass-kicking vigilante

In the Silver Age of DC Comics, the comic publisher’s line saw titles set in many alternate universes (a clever/convenient way to allow different writers/artists to put their own spins on the same characters without clashing continuity), one of... In this universe, Batman aka Bruce Wayne and Catwoman aka Selena Kyle had openly declared their love for each, got married and settled down. With her previous appearance in episodes of Arrow as well as the animated Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, you may think you know Huntress, the crossbow-wielding comic book vigilante that will soon be making her... And in 1957, their union produced a baby girl, Helena Wayne.

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